Comfort food: Worthy curry tonkatsu found at long last

When I think of comfort food, this is one of the things I think of: Japanese curry tonkatsu. It’s somewhat spicy, savory, and crunchy, a pork-based meat-and-potatoes kind of dish (especially if the curry has potatoes in it) that is perfect for a winter dinner. This dish is usually served with shredded cabbage (which isContinue reading “Comfort food: Worthy curry tonkatsu found at long last”

Saying good-bye to an old friend

I grew up with Minute Maid Frozen Lemon Juice. It always seemed a bottle was in the fridge, though I don’t ever remember using it when I would cook. Then, years later, I married a woman whose family consumed Minute Maid Frozen Lemon Juice as if it were a staple, much in the same wayContinue reading “Saying good-bye to an old friend”

Travels in Guatemala: Chichicastenango

I spent most of my visit to Guatemala in Antigua, which you can see and read about here, but I also took trips to other parts of the country. All these trips were put together Walter, the owner of the Don Quijote Travel Agency in Antiuga Guatemala. Here’s Walter’s van to the right. Our tripContinue reading “Travels in Guatemala: Chichicastenango”