Book review: After Birth by Elisa Albert

I love this book. Get it. Read it. Now. “After Birth” by Elisa Albert tells the story of three months in one woman’s life around a year after giving birth who befriends a former “almost” rock star/poet who is about to give birth. The narrator says of the poet: “I’m a little obsessed with her,Continue reading “Book review: After Birth by Elisa Albert”

#tbt book review: Elisa Albert’s ‘How This Night is Different’

In anticipation of Elisa Albert’s new novel “After Birth” (slated to be published next month), here’s a review of her first collection of short stories. The review was published April 1, 2007. In the title story of Elisa Albert’s comic and irreverent debut collection, “How This Night is Different” (Free Press; 208 pages; $18), aContinue reading “#tbt book review: Elisa Albert’s ‘How This Night is Different’”