‘Some General Ideas About Filipino Communities’

I recently came across the following passage and though it was published in 1909, I suddenly had a feeling it was being written about America in 2019: The ordinary people of the villages think of the town government, not as something that belongs to them and in which they may share and by which theyContinue reading “‘Some General Ideas About Filipino Communities’”

Book review: ‘A War of Frontier and Empire’

First published: Sunday, October 7, 2007, in the Albany Times Union As President Bush tries to shape his legacy in regards to the Iraq war, he should pick up David Silbey’s engaging history “A War of Frontier and Empire: The Philippine-American War, 1899-1902” (Hill and Wang; 272 pages; $26). Though both were wars of choice,Continue reading “Book review: ‘A War of Frontier and Empire’”

A primer: How Americans taught Filipinos to see the Philippines

As part of the U.S.’s colonial policies of “benevolent assimilation” in the Philippines, they set up a system of universal education. At first, the primers were geared toward U.S. children (with references to things outside of most Filipino experiences such as snow), and then new primers were made. This page comes from a 1908 RevisedContinue reading “A primer: How Americans taught Filipinos to see the Philippines”