‘The Duck’ published in Barleby Snopes 12

Earlier this year, you may have been among the few hundred (OK, maybe thousand) people I bombarded with emails, posts and pleas to vote for my humble short story “The Duck” in Bartleby Snopes’ monthly fiction contest. The winner of each month’s contest is automatically included in Bartleby Snope’s semiannual print journal. Alas, despite allContinue reading “‘The Duck’ published in Barleby Snopes 12”

Early reviews of ‘The Duck’ are in

“Really enjoyed it!” — Professor Gina Occhiogrosso “It’s a great short story.” — Amy Biancolli, arts and culture writer “It’s got my vote.” — Tracy Ormsbee, senior editor for features at the Times Union “It’s a good story.” — my dad Read “The Duck” here: http://bartlebysnopes.com/theduck.htm Vote for “The Duck” as the Story of theContinue reading “Early reviews of ‘The Duck’ are in”

Update: The Duck on Bartleby Snopes now live

UPDATE: Fresh new fiction from yours truly now live on Bartleby Snopes http://www.bartlebysnopes.com/theduck.htm I just got a note from the editor of the online journal Bartleby Snopes that my short story, The Duck, will be going live online next week at http://bartlebysnopes.com. So be on the lookout for the story AND be sure to stayContinue reading “Update: The Duck on Bartleby Snopes now live”