Help Joe Hill help Sci-Fi & Fantasy

An intriguing string of tweets earlier this week: That’s right, after all these years, the “Best American …” series will finally start to showcase the best in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and you can help guest editor Joe Hill by sending him recommendations for stories via this webpage:

New on Goodreads: Veterans of the Future Wars

An anthology of military sci-fi that I am in — Veterans of the Future Wars — has just been added to Goodreads at If you haven’t already seen it, go check it out today. It is being put together by Martinus Publishing. Here’s what’s cool about the anthology: It’s military sci-fi about veterans, toContinue reading “New on Goodreads: Veterans of the Future Wars”

A few tiny steps toward publication(s)

Big day yesterday as, within an hour of each other, I got the ARC (that’s advanced reader’s copy) of the Long Hidden speculative fiction anthology that includes a short story of mine AND a request to do an author interview for Veterans of the Future Wars anthology that includes a different short story of mine.Continue reading “A few tiny steps toward publication(s)”