“ET HE UGLY RUTH” courtesy of a sponsored ad on Twitter

A young person I know recently said something along the lines that Twitter was going down the drain. I don’t where that idea came from. I’ve been using Twitter since Sept. 19, 2008. (which is longer than 99.755% of all other Twitter users, according to http://twopcharts.com/howlongontwitter). Perhaps the young person was thinking of sponsored contentsContinue reading ““ET HE UGLY RUTH” courtesy of a sponsored ad on Twitter”

Double-dog graphic design at the gas pumpĀ 

The first thing that caught my eye at the gas pump the other day as the phrase “Free meat,” right there on the upper right of this sign. As gas fumes swirled in the cold air around me, which was tinged with the taste of the rock salt that covers roads, tires and car bodies,Continue reading “Double-dog graphic design at the gas pumpĀ “

A word nerd goes for coffee

Most reasonable people who see this sign at a Dunkin Donuts will probably think, “Hey, a medium coffee for just 99 cents? What a deal!” Me? I had the hardest time getting beyond the line that says “Medium Hot.” Isn’t “medium hot” just “warm”? Should it be “Medium, Hot”? And why is almost every wordContinue reading “A word nerd goes for coffee”