Review: Following Tommy by Bob Hartley

Following Tommy by Bob Hartley is a gem of a book: hard, brilliant and valuable. It tells the story of Jacky O’Day, a bookish teen who lives in a changing Irish neighborhood in 1962 Chicago with an alcoholic father and a troubled older brother, Tommy. All of them live in the devastating aftermath of theContinue reading “Review: Following Tommy by Bob Hartley”

2017 Year in Review in Reading

I always feel like I’ve never read enough. These are the covers of the 30 books I completed reading in 2017, though some I may have started the year before. Some of the books are important. Some of them are fun. Some are both.


From the Chronicle of Higher Education, Lindsay Waters, the executive editor for the humanities at Harvard University Press, is calling for a “revolution in reading” by asking people at all levels to read slowly for the pleasure of the words, as opposed to reading quickly to synthesize the information. This seems like a brilliant idea.Continue reading “SLOW DOWN!!!”

Book review: ‘A War of Frontier and Empire’

First published: Sunday, October 7, 2007, in the Albany Times Union As President Bush tries to shape his legacy in regards to the Iraq war, he should pick up David Silbey’s engaging history “A War of Frontier and Empire: The Philippine-American War, 1899-1902” (Hill and Wang; 272 pages; $26). Though both were wars of choice,Continue reading “Book review: ‘A War of Frontier and Empire’”

Lincoln in the Bardo and the impossible audiobook

Notes on reading: Lincoln in the Bardo and the impossible audiobook