Figgis takes flight

Look at this goofball running! This is a still from a video frozen to show how this not-quite-nine-pound dog runs: pulling his front paws under him, kicking his back paws out front. Is that how all dogs run?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

On the banks of the Providence River, a reminder of what millions of Irish and their descendants have to celebrate: peace, freedom, prosperity.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


Figgis at the galleries

Nice thing about NYC art galleries: Figgis is welcome!

He was a good boy. Sniffed some art but no touching.

Figgis Friday

I am the egg man …

Figgs says happy 2022!

A sweet face and Grinch paws.

Figgis in the snow

Figgis rethinks his love of snow

Behind the scenes at the museum