Scenes from Albany International Airport Solidarity Vigil, Jan. 29, 2017

The Solidarity Vigil at Albany International Airport was a true grass-roots action, with word spread via social media that attracted up to 1,000 people during the protest (from 10 am to just after 2 pm on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017).

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RIP Carrie Fisher

A crime


In this photo of the back of our car, you can see the outlines of where a car magnet had once been. That magnet was political. It said, “Hillary ’16.” The reason you don’t see it there is because someone in the parking lot of our hotel in Pittsburgh thought it’d be a good idea to remove the magnet.

At first we thought it was stolen. We felt victimized — doubly so, considering who won. Being back in western Pennsylvania, though, it seemed likely that some Tr*mp supporter feeling embolden but also a coward thought he or she would just rip off someone else’s property. We later did find the magnet face-down in the rain-soaked parking lot, as if it had been flung away from our car.

In the grand scheme of things, I know it isn’t that big of a deal. But still, come on.

I’m thankful for Obama’s Medal of Freedom selections

I’m thankful for this last group of Presidential Medal of Freedom winners, spanning so many endeavors and achievements of excellence. I’m also thankful for President Obama for making these selections, and making possible a bright ray of hope for these times.


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My presidential election prediction map


Here’s my best guess at how Tuesday’s presidential election will go down.

I’m not so sure about Florida — it could go to Clinton. But is anyone ever really sure of Florida?

I’m thinking that in Nebraska, which can split the electoral vote, that the Omaha area will go for Clinton, while the rest of the state’s electoral votes will go to the Republican.

And Utah — I’m thinking the Mormon vote will go against Trump and for the Utah native McMullin.

What do you think? Too optimistic? Too pessimistic?

You can make your own map over at

Poll test: Who won the Internet this week?

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RIP Gene Wilder


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My entry: New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #525

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