From three-day book to ‘Small’ movie

Saratoga Springs resident Chris Millis wrote a novel in 72 hours as part of the annual Three Day Novel Contest and just like most books written that way … he adapted it into an independent film directed by Grammy-winning Swedish video director Jonas Akerlund and starring Billy Crystal, Johnny Knoxville, James Caan, James Marsden, Rosie Perez, Juno Temple, Rebel Wilson, David Koechner, Amanda Plummer, Matt Lucas and Dolph Lundgren.

“Small Apartments” premiered in Los Angeles on Feb. 5 and makes its local debut at Saratoga Music Hall on Broadway at 6:30 pm Friday night. And Roxette’s Per Gessle contributes her first ever movie soundtrack. In the film, Franklin Franklin (played by Lucas of “Little Britain” and “Bridesmaids” fame) kills his landlord and tries to get away with it while trying to escape to “magical” Switzerland.

The premiere event is also a DVD release party that will feature a Q&A, raffles, DVD sales and signings, free popcorn and Moxie cola (featured in the film) and more. Millis’ former Saratoga High teacher Dave Patterson moderates the evening.


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