Unread books in Briton

A new survey out today lists the most popular owned yet unread books in Briton. The story is in The Guardian.
What’s interesting about this kind of survey is even though the article says these people are trying to put “intellectual credibility” on their shelves, what is really happening is something like marketing at work. The list includes recent prizewinners and best-sellers, like Vernon God Little (a Booker prize winner) or Captain Corelli’s violin (a best-seller) — perhaps people are just buying books because someone somewhere (whether in the media, in academia or word of mouth) told them they should. And that’s hardly intellectual at all.
Here’s a sample:

It’s the literary club no author wants to belong to, but boasts the likes of Salman Rushdie, Bill Clinton, Paulo Coelho and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. A survey out today of the books Britons own but do not finish shows a surprising lack of appetite for many of the nation’s most popular titles.

The bestselling book that topped the poll, DBC Pierre’s Vernon God Little, has been lauded the world over – ironically, for its explosive denouement. But 35% of respondents who bought or borrowed the Man Booker-winning satire about a Texan schoolboy in a death row reality TV show failed to get to the end.

For a take on this article closer to home, check out The Daily Prophet, a blog all about Harry Potter.


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