Audiobook review: “Echo Park”

“Echo Park” by Michael Connelly. Read by Len Cariou. Unabridged, 10.5 hours, 9 CDs. Hachette Audio. $39.98.

Connelly succeeds once again with his latest Detective Harry Bosch thriller, the second one to feature the L.A. cop working in the Open-Unsolved Unit. This time, a killer caught with body parts in his van agrees to confess to seven other killings, including that of Marie Gesto. She’s a woman who had disappeared 13 years before in a case that Bosch never solved.

Bosch doesn’t believe the new confession, especially since the suspect isn’t the man who has been a “person of interest” over the years.

When the suspect leads a heavily armed group of police and lawyers deep into the woods to show them Marie’s body, things go terribly wrong and the novel’s suspense only deepens.

What makes this book among Connelly’s best is its realism and its patience, as it moves logically through police procedures and Bosch’s decision-making process.

Cariou’s tough, assured performance proves why he is the definitive voice of Harry Bosch.

The novel’s official Web site — including audio excerpts — is here.


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