Audiobook review: “Sherlock’s Legacy”

“Sherlock’s Legacy” by Ed. Lange. With a full cast and narrator; music by Will Severin. Unabridged, 1.75 hours, 2 CDs. New York State Theatre Institute Family Classic AudioBooks. $16.95.

The legendary detective is in his retirement and regrets never having married or having fathered a child. But then a young woman arrives, and mysteries soon abound — including a murder.

Though the play begins slowly, the pace soon quickens — perhaps a little too quickly to be plausible. But the fun of the play is spending time with classic characters of Holmes and Watson in this richly imagined production.

The full cast does a wonderful job of conveying the setting of England in 1920; however, the audio quality is uneven. Some performers’ voices are crisp, while others sound as if they are speaking in a hollow box.

Nonetheless, the detailed study guide holds true to the institute’s pedagogical mission.


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