A look at ‘blook’ from Down Under

The Australian, one of the national newspapers of yes, you guessed it, Australia, weighs in on the claim by a dictionary to contain billions and billions of words (or at least 2.5 billion, my apologies to Carl Sagan). Among the words the dictionary has that The Australia doesn’t quite deign to recognize is our good old friend “blook.”

Here’s and excerpt:

Collins commissioned a troika of editors to cull a selection of new arrivals into ISmirt, You Stooze, They Krump, an 184-page book released this week. It is subtitled “Can you still speak English?” and for many of us the answer is obviously not. Take blook, brrreeeport, crunk, gemmelsmerch, gling, grup and sket. They resemble onomatopoeic captions from comic strips but they’re English. Allegedly. The provenance and durability of many of the new words seem dubious, but that’s not the point: how long each word survives “is another matter entirely”, the editors point out, but while these words are here, “let’s celebrate them for the miniature snapshots of modern life they are”.

The full article is here.

Here’s the link to the Collins Dictionary Word Exchange.


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