AP ends its book review package

AP is dropping its book review package.

The Associated Press is ending its book review package.

“This is a sad turn of events for book reviews. AP reviews, even small, ran far and wide, and always helped sales,” said a book-company publicist who alerted E&P to AP’s decision. The publicist requested anonymity.

When E&P asked AP about the decision, Linda M. Wagner, the wire service’s director of media relations and public affairs, said in a statement today: “AP is revamping its Lifestyles coverage to focus more resources on topics like food and parenting, and as a result we are discontinuing the book-review package that had moved through that department.”

She added that AP “remains as committed as ever” to covering books — via reviews, features about authors, etc. — through its Arts and Entertainment Department.

The NBCC president weighs in here.


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