Local books: “Macrolife”

‘Macrolife’, one of the best sci-fi books, is back

Delmar-resident George Zebrowski’s 1979 novel “Macrolife: A Mobile Utopia,” hailed by Library Journal as one of the top 100 science fiction books ever, has been recently reissued (PYR; 284 pages; $25 for limited edition hardcover; $15 paperback).

The story combines the best elements of science fiction — a well-imagined world where the philosophical questions about the human struggle to survive play out. In particular, the novel centers around utopian space habitats that are both mobile and self-reproducing.

The action of the story takes place in three time periods: the near future, a thousand years from now and a hundred billion years from now, all the while showing how this technology transforms what it means to be human.

None other than British sci-fi writer Ian Watson, whose career includes the screen story of Steven Speilberg’s “AI,” says in the book’s introduction, ” ‘Macrolife’ is a major vision of social intelligence transforming the cosmos.”


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