Norman Mailer in the news

Norman Mailer’s visit to the New York State Writers Institute isn’t until May 1, but since his latest novel — The Castle in the Forest — just came out, he’s been getting plenty of press.

Here’s a selection:

The narrator for Norman Mailer’s The Castle in the Forest — his first novel in a decade — is a demon posing as one of Adolf Hitler’s S.S. intelligence officers.

The narrator writes years later about how he guided the early life of the young Hitler, from his conception to early adolescence. Mailer’s devil-narrator is smart, elegant and ironic, and recalls something of Mailer himself — since the narrator rarely meets a boundary he doesn’t break.

Critical Mass interview

To compare Saddam Hussein to Hitler is the kind of thinking you would do in an eighth grade civics class. You can absolutely quote me on this: I really think the level of intellectuality in George Bush’s mind is comparable to the mind of some mediocre teacher who instructs eighth grade pupils in civics. He’s a civics teacher at a middling level, at a dreary middling level.

The Guardian (U.K.)

The celebrated novelist Norman Mailer has walked into a critical maelstrom in Germany with the publication of his new novel – his first for 10 years – which depicts a young and adolescent Adolf Hitler.

The Castle in the Forest, which includes the bed-wetting young Hitler known as “Adi”, has been pummelled by newspaper critics and has angered Germany’s influential Central Council of Jews, which has urged artists to finally leave the history of the dictator alone.


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