What was your favorite book of 2006?

Times Union staff writer and author Paul Grondahl (his most recent books include “Now Is The Time: A History of Parsons Child and Family Center 1829-2004″ and “I Rose Like a Rocket: The Political Education of Theodore Roosevelt” and you can see his latest journalism here) weighs in on the favorite novel he read in 2006.

That’s a tough call, but I’d have to say “Secondhand World,” by Katherine Min. It’s a haunting and evocative coming-of-age story aboutmin.jpg a rebellious teen girl who is torn between the impulses of cultural assimilation and the ethnic isolation of her rigid and traditional Korean-American parents. This debut novel is a moving, lyrical narrative that has added appeal for local readers, since it is set in Clifton Park, where Min grew up. She’s a graduate of Shenendehowa High School and teaches at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. To learn more about Min and her work, visit her Web site at http://www.katherinemin.com

I like your blog, by the way. It’s a great idea and I hope to be a regular contributor. Best wishes, Paul Grondahl (www.paulgrondahl.com)


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