Quote of the week by Silas Farley


Classical ballet is this elevating form — you ahve to rise to meet it, whether you are the dancer or the audience. The Thing is, the audience possesses the same instrument. The audience members have the same body. It’s like a cello playing for an audience of cellos.”

— Silas Farley, quoted in the Jan. 16, 2017, New Yorker Talk of the Town piece by Rebecca Mead, illustration by Tom Bachtell [link]


360-degree Google Street View Experiment 2

A second experiment with using Google Streetview app’s 360-degree photo, this time on the second floor of Case Center at Skidmore College.

Experiment 1: 360-degree Street View at home

Here’s a new feature of WordPress.com sites: VR and 360-degree content.

Just downloaded the Google Street View app and here’s my first attempt, an inside view of my home.

A video about scale and perspective

Something I saw while looking up something else, or how all your science fair solar systems are bad science: