Falcon Heavy booster rocket landings

I can’t get enough of this video. Symmetry. Simultaneity. Rocket ships. Very cool.

Check it out.

Friday Photo: North Zapata Ridge from the town of Mosca, Colorado

North Zapata Ridge from the town of Mosca, Colorado, August 3, 2017

#tbt What’s your blues name?

Just call me Bad Boy Jailhouse Washington, at least that’s my name according to a chart that’s floating around Facebook lately.

Here it is:

So what’s your blues name?

Today’s Earworm: ‘Canyons’ by Barrie

My first Amazon order

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 2.35.02 PM
It’s a thing. On the internet. People have been posting about their very first order on Amazon. Looks like I bought an audio book as a gift for my father eighteen years ago. Reminds me how much I enjoyed Ed McBain’s novels of the 87th Precinct. He wrote dozens of them. Though McBain—which was a pseudonym for Evan Hunter (which was a legal name change, as McBain/Hunter was born Salvatore Albert Lombino)— may also be just as well known for writing the novel Blackboard Jungle, which was made into the 1955 film.